Máquina de corte de papelão ondulado CNC para caixa de presente

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(Plano Tocha da China) Nova empresa chave de alta tecnologia.




Participamos de exposições em casa e no exterior todos os anos.Introducing oscillating knife technology, Ruizhou carton cnc cutter could protect your materials, improve product quality and reduce your cost at the same time.

 CNC corrugated board cutting machine


Parameters of Ruizhou CNC cutting machine: 

Model of cutting machine


Effective working area


Cutting speed


Cutting thickness

 0-25mm ( customized cutting machine can up to 50mm)

Method of fixing material

 Divisional vacuum absorption


Oscillating blade head, Milling Cutter, Hobbing Cutter, Creasing Wheel

Pen type

Common signing pen, Oil pen, ball-point pen, Silver pen

Human Machine Interface (HMI)

 Touch screen LCD

Machine resolution


Software resolution


Interface of transmission

 Network port

 Command system HP-GL and GP-GL compatible formats
 Gearing  Linear guide and gear rack


 Servo motor

Machine Working Voltage


Air pump power


Energy saving device

 Frequency converter

Safety device Automatic laser device

Software system

 Independent research and development CNC software

Control system

 Cutting table and computer display



Tools and Functions


Tools and functions of Ruizhou cnc cutting machine:


CNC corrugated box cutting machine

1. Tool Head.

A multifunctional tool head incorporating an oscillating knife, a marking pen, a creasing wheel,milling knife,45 degree cutting knife and the CCD camera.

2. Compatibility.

Connectible to common CAD software, widely used for production of carton and paper or PVC patterns.

Cutting Samples



CNC corrugated cardboard cutting plotter



1. Easy to use.

Carton cutting machine is specially designed for carton sample cutting. It's easy to install, simple to set-up and learn the user interface, functionality to allow you to cut pieces quickly and efficiently, thus increasing your 

output and reducing your throughput time.


2. Save time and money whilst improving quality.

a.) Eliminates the cost and time you spend cutting paper patterns and making brass bound pattern boards.

b.) Greatly reduces the time taken to cut samples and graded paper patterns by hand.

c.) Consistent accuracy throughout, utilizing the Ruizhou RECAD software, any modifications to the pattern can be re-cut quickly and efficiently.

d.) Reduces your lead times for samples, short production runs and overall pattern development time for both sampling and production, helping you to provide 'quick response' to your customers's demands.

3. Flexible.

When used with Ruizhou RECAD software, Ruizhou carton sample cutter is designed to work in the background which allows cutting and/or plotting pattern pieces whist you continue to develop other 2D patterns.



Six advantages of RZCRT5-1813E cnc cutting machine:

CNC corrugated board cutting machine


RUIZHOU cnc cutting machines are packaged with standard export wooden case, which can guarantee your machine safety.

CNC corrugated box cutting machine

Customer Factory

CNC corrugated cardboard cutting plotter

Customer Collaboration:

Excellent product quality and perfect service for us won the unanimous trust of customers at home and abroad.

Company Information


Guangdong RUIZHOU Technology Co., Ltd is a national Torch Plan High-tech Enterprise, specialized in the research, development, sales and technique service of soft material intelligent CNC cutting machine. From 1995, 

RUIZHOU company has been in cutting machine for more than 25 years.RUIZHOU Technology has been dedicated in supplying informationized and automatic design and whole solution of intelligent production for a broad community of soft material manufacturers, which achieves  the realization of the confluence of informatization and industrialization.

CNC corrugated board cutting machine


Company Information


CNC corrugated box cutting machine

CE, ISO9001 certified,

Design patent certifications,
Utility model patent certifications,
Software copyright certifications.
TOP 10 Footware Machinery Enterprise,
TOP 10 Innovative Enterprise,
CTP(China Torch Plan) Key New High Technology Enterprise.



CNC corrugated cardboard cutting plotter

We take part in exhibitions both at home and abroad every year.

1. Adotando o princípio de estrutura de favo de mel, nossa máquina de corte de caixa de papelão é forte, anticorrosiva, durável, absorvente de som e isolante de calor.
2. O formulário da máquina de corte de papelão Ruizhou foi soldado, evitando o desvio causado pela vibração quando funciona.
6. Máquina de corte de papelão ondulado Ruizhou cnc com a adoção de conversor de frequência avançado. Economiza energia em 30% quando comparado com outros.
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